Pricing & Packages

A $25 retainer is due before your session to secure the date. The retainer is non-refundable. Checks and credit cards are NOT accepted at this time, thank you!

(Remaining cost is required at the time of your session)

The Bronze Package

* Up to 15 minutes
* 10 Images
* Up to 4 people*
* Digital downloads with print release
* Location: Riverwalk in Conway, SC


The Silver Package

*Up to 20 minutes
* 15 Images
* Up to 5 people*
* Digital downloads with print release*
* Location: Myrtle Beach and close surrounding areas


The Gold Package

*Up to 25 minutes
* 20 Images
* Up to 5 people*
* Digital downloads with print release*
* Location: Myrtle Beach and close surrounding areas


The Platinum Package

*Up to 45 minutes
* 30 Images
* Up to 5 people*
* Digital downloads with print release*
* Location: Myrtle Beach and close surrounding areas


  • I am an unplugged photographer, which means please DO NOT stand behind me or near me taking photos with your camera or cell phones. You hired me as your photographer, let me be the one to capture your favorite moments. It is very distracting to the ones in front of the camera and they tend to look at you. The images I capture will have them looking else where.
  • *Retainers are NON REFUNDABLE. You will need to pay a new one if a session is rescheduled (unless changed due to weather).
  • A fee of 3% will be charged if an invoice is needed to be arranged for final payment as well as applicable taxes.
  • Sessions take approximately 2-3 weeks to be finalized/edited, may take longer depending on the event of the session.
  • Special edits will cost additional for each image, feel free to ask, and we can discuss this option. (make-up, acne, backgrounds, add-ons, etc)
  • *Digital Downloads are accessible on site for 7 days. $25 per week if additional time is needed.
  • *Add $15 for each additional person added to your session.
  • *State Parks do require an entrance fee!
  • *Family sessions cover parents with their young kiddos. Multiple families in a session will need to contact me directly for pricing.
  • Add $25 for each additional location added to the session.
  • I love furbabies being in the sessions. Please know that I do charge $25 for each that is included in your session.
  • Additional cost will be added if thumb drive’s need to be mailed.
  •  Session packages have no limit on the amount of outfit changes or poses. Each session is different and will vary each time. This does not add more time to your package.
  • Themed Sessions: All outfits and accessories will be provided. Please feel free to bring any additional jewelry, crowns, wings etc. Friends of the children are allowed to come and join in on the session. Bring imaginations and lots of smiles!!
  • Print Release is not valid with Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Rite-Aid, Costco, Sams Club, CVS or any Kiosk. The sites I suggest are Miller’s Professional Imaging or MPIX (owned by Miller’s Professional Imaging)

Please be on time! If you are more than 15 minutes late,
your session will need to be rescheduled. Thank you!

Sessions are rescheduled if it is raining 1 hour prior to your time. i can gladly place you in at a different time on your special day, if i have availability. mother nature is so unpredictable at times. I would hate to see you get all dressed up and soaked. and i am not good at running for cover with my camera in tow. let's keep in touch with each other, if this needs to be addressed.

You are agreeing to the above terms if your session is booked.

Due to limited storage space on my hard drive, images are purged after 6 months of your session. Please make sure to save your images in a safe place.

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****Images will be available approximately 2-3 weeks after the session,

some may take longer, depending on the event and package of the session.****


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